Hello! April Comes.

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A river in Dali

It has been a long time I didn’t write a new post. You must be very curious about why I wrote this post in English.

Since I have built my English blog for one year and get quite used to writing in English, so I’ll try EN writing here from time to time. Sometimes I just don’t want to type Chinese because I’m using iFLY input tool and set the language EN. So I can practice my spoken English in the meantime output the content.

Recently I’m working on new courses, after a long time consideration, I think it’s time to remake the courses. There are some reasons push me to do that:

  • The content of some courses are getting out of date, I couldn’t bear it.
  • During the past two years, the practice of developing new customers has never stopped. I have some new insights and experience to share with people.
  • I’m always trying to offer more value for those people who really trust me. In return, I will give them more.
  • Responsibility.

To be frank, I’m a little tired of training, which is more like an endless service work. Many people may not believe that and some may think a teacher like you could get BIG earning from it.

However, it’s totally a different situation. As for me, I only get a very small percentage of the revenue from course sales, I’m sure much lower than what you thought to be.

Some others who provide offline training, together with education and training companies, they made big earning, NOT me.

Why I’m still working on it with passion just because I don’t want to let them down.

Till now, there are nearly one hundred new courses I have worked out, which are uploading gradually. In my new courses I also tried to record some courses with English speaking.

Actually I’ve been keeping working and just take little rest time since the Chinese new year, sometimes I really enjoy the busy working. I’m now less motivated to write new post or get new fans as many work and study occupied my life.

For spare time, I spend some time to study the knowledge of funds and stocks when time is available. With some stocks I have achieved 50% income this year. Cheers!

As for my son, he is under good recovery and should be regain health this year. Thanks for all your care!

I like the lines in a movie 《LES TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES》: One for all, all for one!

I am trying to do my best.


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  1. #200

    enjoy the busy working status. study the knowledge of funds and stocks when time is available. a little talent on that. I have achieved 50% income this year. Cheers! Small sam is under good recovery and should be regain health this year. WOW

    4年前 (2018-07-13)回复
  2. #199

    I trust you

    4年前 (2018-07-13)回复
  3. #198

    看了大神的老鸟之路,一直追到米课,虽然知道米课很久了,在大神加入之后才果断购买。跟着大神学习到很多,也感叹大神怎么什么都做的好。目前作为一名宝妈在家也想跟大神学习下投资,我在学员 2 群没有看到大神的通知,希望能得到大神眷顾,能够加入。祝小宝贝早日康复,做一个小料神带领大家前进!!!

    4年前 (2018-07-11)回复
  4. #197

    Wish all the best to you, Sam

    4年前 (2018-06-27)回复
  5. #196

    Sam, so glad to know this. Thanks for your sharing.

    4年前 (2018-05-30)回复
  6. #195

    Hi, Sam, could you show me your EN blog website? Thanks.

    4年前 (2018-05-23)回复
  7. #194

    Even i haven’t buy a course from you, but i learn a lot from you. Never stop to learning. And from last year, i’m preparing for the graduated degree and working. Tired but happy for me. You are the best teacher and the best father.

    4年前 (2018-05-22)回复
  8. #193

    U are such a GOOD person. Well done, I must work hard and focus on my stuff in front of my way. In addition, U really did very well, REALLY~

    4年前 (2018-05-11)回复
  9. #192

    Sam, I know you are a good teacher, feel sorry I am not a good student , at least in past days I am not. but I am trying to improve myself now. Hope one day I could have confident to send you message with good news! For your courses, I think it could be regard as lifetime skills if learning well, but need devote time, energy as well as more practice into it. It’s not easy thing to learn well, but if you make it, you will be standing in the 20% instead of 80%. For the training issue , as well as service work you mention, I can totally understand. The reason why you are keep moving on it, as you just don’t want let us down! Thank you choose keep staying with us! We owe you a big thanks!! I am also so lucky to be one of the students of 440 financing QQ group! Even finally the group is not available, but I will never forget the time we are learning new things. Finally, hope your dear son, health, happy forever!And have a happy family, most importantly, take care of yourself, as you are the whole world of them!

    4年前 (2018-04-29)回复
    • Shaw

      @joysun you said what I want said to liao dada

      4年前 (2018-06-04)回复
  10. #191


    4年前 (2018-04-20)回复
  11. #190

    Thanks for your hardworking and your very nice patience. Hope you have a much better future as you do much better than what you get.

    4年前 (2018-04-16)回复
  12. #189


    4年前 (2018-04-12)回复
  13. #188

    Dont be too tired. Sometimes responsible person is the most tired person.

    4年前 (2018-04-11)回复
  14. #187

    Thank you forever! Best Regards to your family.

    4年前 (2018-04-10)回复
  15. #186

    常言说的好,文如其人,sam 的文章和视频都无比诚恳,没有套路,全是干货。感谢你如此负责。 关于你说的学习金融投资的群,同是料课学员的我想问要如何才能加入学习?

    4年前 (2018-04-09)回复
    • 料神Sam
      @kevin 别急,五一假期期间会在学员群里通知开放的。
      4年前 (2018-04-09)回复
      • kevin

        @Liaosam 激动,居然收到料大回复了,感谢料神带我飞 ! 一直想学习一下金融知识,终于找到靠谱又有能力的老师了,幸运至极!

        4年前 (2018-04-09)回复
        • 料神Sam
          @kevin 已经开放了。在学员群里@全体通知了。
          4年前 (2018-04-28)回复
          • kevin

            @Liaosam 该评论为私密评论

            4年前 (2018-05-04)回复
      • jack

        @Liaosam 料神,我是学员~~~投资群是不是在 qq vip 群里通知?谢谢~~

        4年前 (2018-04-12)回复
        • 料神Sam
          @jack 是。你是几群的学员?
          4年前 (2018-04-12)回复
      • Katrina

        @Liaosam 料神,我是五一后报名您的课程。也想学习一下还可以加入吗?

        4年前 (2018-06-12)回复
  16. #185

    Well, rarely meet people with spirit of sharing like you do. My friend, it’s not a shame to slow the pace and take a break. Plus no one is with the power that ask you to keep giving and giving. I started my own business this year. Not fully ready, just need to move forward. Lots of your posts could be so helpful. Thanks! After viewing all the posts, if still questions, will consult via wechat. :) All the best to little Sam, your wife and you.

    4年前 (2018-04-05)回复
    • 料神Sam
      @Alvin Thanks! New life for you, good luck!
      4年前 (2018-04-06)回复
  17. #184


    4年前 (2018-04-05)回复
  18. #183

    Thanks sam’s effort and share. Will learn harder and harder.

    4年前 (2018-04-04)回复
  19. #182

    Totally understand the words “a little tired of training”. I do have same feeling since i became into a mother and begun new company. Having so many fans, it’s sweet but also responsibility which will push you sometimes. Well, if you want to stop for a while, just do it, Little sam and your wife also need your accompany.

    4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
    • 料神Sam
      @amanda Thanks for your understanding & continuous support!
      4年前 (2018-04-04)回复
  20. #181

    Times keeps changing, we should keep learning to catch up with it.

    4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
  21. #180

    thanks for your sharing, I feel shamed as I wasted a lot of time, I should study harder and deeper

    4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
  22. #179

    Thanks to you from my deepest bottom of heart, since I learned a lot from your sharing. You must be an angel that God sent out to us :wink:

    4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
  23. #178

    The Only teacher that I like to leave some words for. Only Wish ALL the Best with you anD your family.

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复
  24. #177

    Thank you so much for your time and teaches us a lot u r the best and wish everthing is fine with u and ur family have a nice day best regards Jamie

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复
  25. #176

    As our teacher, you really did much more than we expect. We couldn’t thank you more, all the best to you and your loved ones!!

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复
  26. #175

    All the best :mrgreen:

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复
  27. #174

    从以前追福步上的帖子,到现在追料课,一直都在料大的倾心分享和帮助下成长和进步。甚至在建站的收尾工作中,都运用了料大的攻略对网站进行了安全方面的设置。 真心感谢料大的无私分享。虽然只是在群里偶尔插插话,并没有跟料大有过多的沟通和交流,但无论是从福步帖、群聊、还是料课甚至公开课中,都能深切感受到料大是一个非常直爽,真挚实在的人,没有什么花哨的虚招,他的分享总是能让人受益良多。 越学越觉得自己的不足很多很多,希望今后能继续跟随料大的脚步不断成长,也希望料大在为自己喜欢的事情勇往直前的过程中更要多多注意身体!

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复
    • 料神Sam
      @Sarah 谢谢支持!加油!
      4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
      • Sarah

        @Liaosam Wow, 老大竟然回复我了,好鸡冻 :wink:

        4年前 (2018-04-03)回复
  28. #173

    5G man, good son,good husband,good father,good teacher, good brother

    4年前 (2018-04-02)回复