Hello! April Comes.

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A river in Dali

It has been a long time I didn’t write a new post.

You must be very curious about why I wrote this post in English. Since I have built my English blog for one year and get quite used to writing in English, so I’ll try EN writing here from time to time. Sometimes I just don’t want to type Chinese because I’m using iFLY input tool and set the language EN. So I can practice my spoken English in the meantime output the content.

Recently I’m working on new courses, after a long time consideration, I think it’s time to remake the courses. There are some reasons push me to do that:

  • The content of some courses are getting out of date, I couldn’t bear it.
  • During the past two years, the practice of developing new customers has never stopped. I have some new insights and experience to share with people.
  • I’m always trying to offer more value for those people who really trust me. In return, I will give them more.
  • Responsibility.

To be frank, I’m a little tired of training, which is more like an endless service work. Many people may not believe that and some may think a teacher like you could get BIG earning from it. However, it’s totally a different situation. For me, it’s a very very low rate that get from your learning charges, I’m sure much lower than what you thought to be. Some others who provide offline training, together with training company, they made big earning, not me.

Why I’m still working on it with passion just because I don’t want to let them down.

Till now, there are nearly one hundred new courses I have worked out, which are uploading gradually. In my new courses I also tried to record some courses with English speaking.

Actually I have been keeping working and take little rest since the Chinese new year holidays, sometimes I really enjoy the busy working status. I’m now less motivated to write new post or get new fans as many work and study occupied my life.

For spare time, I spend some time to study the knowledge of funds and stocks when time is available. When I first had the idea of establishing a financing qq group, my original intention was to give my students some UNEXPECTED value.

How lucky it was that I lead part of my students to buy and sell stocks & funds, the performance was quite good. I teach them a lot of basic knowledge, principle and information. I think I have a little talent on that. My advantage patience and deep thinking, which is helpful to build a stock trading system. With some stocks I have achieved 50% income this year. Cheers!

As for my son, he is under good recovery and should be regain health this year. Thanks for all your care!

I like the lines in a movie 《LES TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES》: One for all, all for one!

I am trying to do my best.







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  1. #30

    Thanks for everything~

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
  2. #29


    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    Thank you so much. I am so glad to be one of your students. You help and make me always want to be better.

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    Sam, I am really appreciate your gorgeous personality and also gradeful to be one of yours students

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
  5. #26

    Hey, Sam, we stand with you forever .

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    Just take care of your health, because you always sleep very very late!

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    It worths more than money!

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    料大,俄语专业伤不起,看懂你写的,写不出回复,你原谅我! Огромное спасибо за всё что сделали и делаете для нас всех! :mrgreen:

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
    • suky

      @蓝儿 哈哈哈哈

      10个月前 (04-02)回复
    • nana

      @蓝儿 抓到一个小语种的活宝,加个好友呗~

      10个月前 (04-02)回复
      • 蓝儿

        @nana 来来来,哈哈,QQ786567017

        10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    I will trust you and support you all the time

    10个月前 (04-02)回复
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    The more you share, the more you will get—-learn form my best teacher Liao Sam

    10个月前 (04-02)回复